Building a new Lebanon ravages architectural heritage

My latest piece for is on Lebanon’s built environment. The destruction of Lebanon’s built heritage is a very disturbing negative aspect of the very good business that is real estate development. Without an effective state the ability to enforce protection measures the continued destruction of Lebanon’s rich built environment will erode away to the chaotic city that is already emerging:

Lebanon has seen remarkable boom in real estate construction over the past two years. Construction sites dominate Beirut and the sound of drilling emanates from all parts of the city. Real estate investment is derived from a large part of the Lebanese economy which has achieved a growth rate of 7 percent in 2009 and looks to continue growing this year. While many have been enjoying the rich dividends from these real estate investments, the unplanned and unrestricted developments are causing many people to lament the state of the built environment in Beirut.


  1. pascale ingea said:

    Dear Mr Sharp,
    i will help u to write a part II for your article of distroying architectural heritage in Beirut.

    my group on facebook “stop destroying heritage”and many other lebanese groups, we r organising ourselves to begin a campaign of sensibilisation for heritage.actually, we r preparing for a rally very soon to push the parlament to vote the law that protects our heirtage that EXISTS but ASLEEP in the parlament.ONLY A HUGE POPULAR MASS of non political movement can save our country.plz contact me by email to give u the latest infos and join the group “stop destroying your heritage”.
    the media must help us to increase the numbers of members.IT’S NOW TIME FOR A REAL BATTLE between TRUE LEBANESE AND SELVAGE REAL ESTATORS.PLEASE MR SHARP, COULD YOU HELP MY COUNTRY?
    sincerly yours,
    Miss Pascale Ingea
    Artist Painter and Art Teacher

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