New Year Old Issues Same Resolutions

Entering the new decade many new year resolutions have been passing through my head and it will remain to be seen which ones will be held there. However, one of them I am actively implementing and that is blogging more regularly! I have set a minimum target of two a week!

The idea of new year resolutions of course it to improve yourself from what has been missing from the year that has gone by all too rapidly….at least that is what i think they are for!

Looking at current affairs at the beginning of this year the big men will be making a lot of new years resolution. Obama’s, Brown’s and all nations that have troops in the Middle East should all make a new years resolution to come to terms with and understand the Arab and Muslim world.

Obama and Brown have already caused Middle East commentators to shudder with their hubristic comments on Yemen. Military aid to the country is being doubled by the US and it looks like the US and Britain are repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Creating strong centralised militaristic states ruled by despots is not the way to reduce terrorism…yes thats right it is the way to increase it. Yemenis need support not their despotic leaders. I just want to slam my head against my computer when I hear these announcements! A great article by Brian Whitacker of the Guardian who has written extensively on Yemen gives a commentary on what should be the way ahead.

Obama should also be making a new years resolution to sort out his Middle East Policy…which like Turkeys at Christmas has disappeared…where the hell is George Mitchell? What happened to peace in the Middle East? As he said in his book Dreams From My Father when talking about black nationalism: “It was the distance between our talk and our action, the effect it was having on us as individuals.”

While Brown is thinking of supporting the Yemeni government though it looks like he should really be concentrating closer to home. It is fascinating the openly Machiavellian nature of British politics at the moment. For the third time Labour MPs have tried to remove their own leader. Two Labour MPs Hoon and Hewitt tried to remove him as leader of the Labour party through a secret ballot only to fail…all this as Britain slowly grinds to a halt in the snow, as reports of gas shortages hit the headlines!

With the British election coming up later this year and Cameron of the conservatives expected to get in it is going to be a bumpy ride for Labour. After all they can’t get support their own leader they are fighting a lost cause.

So the same issues continue to haunt the big men and not many different solutions are being proposed. So on that note hope everyone has a good year!

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  1. George said:

    The new decade technically does not start until 2011… 😛

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