Are they taking the piss?? Obama A Nobel?!

We (this is the royal we) all love Obama. No doubt about it. I have just finished reading Dreams from my Father that left me with an even greater admiration for the man. But he is not the messiah and giving him a Nobel Peace Prize for achieving absolutely nothing on the ground is as stupid as giving Sadat and Begin a Nobel….oh wait. So the jury of the Nobel does not have a great record but this award really does put it in a category of its own.

Apparently Obama got the prize “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Great but getting a Nobel Prize for Peace should be for “exiting US troops from Iraq while also maintaining a strong and stable Iraq” or “making a substantial contribution to the ending of Israeli apartheid policies” or “Not fucking up Afghanistan and Pakistan so badly.”

A Nobel Peace Prize should not be awarded for creating one of the most ambitious foreign policies in modern US history, it is not a prize for theoretical policies (at least that was what I thought!) .

A Nobel Peace Prize should not be awarded for the remarkable feet of being elected President of the US and replacing the war criminal that was G W Bush.

A Nobel Peace Prize should not be awarded “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

Obama has got so much to achieve in Foreign Policy terms. The policy route that is decided by Obama with regard to Afghanistan and Pakistan is going to show what he is really made of. Here there is a real risk of all out disaster the US, as in Iraq, have tried strategy after strategy and they have all failed. Far from bringing enlightenment and states the US has pushed Afghanistan and Pakistan further into the “darkness” with their policies. He has thus far failed to successfully change the current narrative on how to “deal” with these states. A lot of work still needs to be done before awards start being handed!! As for Israel Obama’s the less the said the better on the performance of the Obama team. A bit of a joke but I am all for the give them time argument. They are not going to solve things in an instant. He is not a prophet after all….

While I 100% am personally for supporting Obama this is stupid. I am sure Obama turned to Michelle and said “Are they taking the piss?” (I admit this is what Obama would have said if he was from London but anyway something expressing the same utter flabbergasting confusion.)

  1. George said:

    I don’t want to get into the details of this issue. I basically agree with you, but I wouldn’t express it with the same tone.

    Since the day Obama appeared in the world stage he has had a significant impact. He changed the way people look at America and made many people all around the word believe in politics again. Don’t get too attached on the ‘justification’ for awarding him a Nobel as this is expressed in general terms and often encompasses activities that do not directly fall under this justification (remember, Gore got it a ‘piece’ Nobel as well).

    In any event, the Swedish Academy emphasizes his ‘efforts’, and this is something we (royal ‘we’) should recognise to Obama. He pulled the military out of Iraq, he shut down Gitmo, he made phenomenal progress in the US relations with Russia as well as Iran. At the same time he’s fighting for climate change, which brings the US closer to Europe.

    I agree that this award came a bit too early, but it was justified nonetheless.

    • deensharp said:

      George I completely unceremoniously disagree with you!

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