Take me to Cafe Saad

Saad Cafe

Political affiliations are very personal in Tripoli and during the June elections throughout my travels in Lebanon the visual battle of dominance was most intense in Tripoli. Images of the big men were everywhere, making the city a peculiar site of thousands of heads staring confidently and reassuringly at you or just above you.

Then yesterday in Tripoli the support for the big man reached a new level….yes you guessed it….the Cafe Saad.

Personally the Rafik Cafe, although maybe a bit macabre, I think would not only have more of a ring to it but love or hate the guy he has achieved/done enough in his life to warrant someone naming a Cafe after him. But the Saad Cafe?? You are giving the man his glory before he has even entered the battle field! And on his way to the battle field has not been the most classy of entrances …. but credit to the man he brushed him self off and the fall was enough to keep most of his grace.

Surprisingly enough I did not share my views with the goateed regulars of Cafe Saad. I have heard that political debate among the regulars can be a bit one sided but you can get great deals on real estate!


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