The Update

The Arab Human Development Report has been released to much controversy, I will blog about this soon.

Lebanon has decided on the shape of the cabinet being a 15 to the government 10 to opposition and 5 to the President. Meaning that the President will continue to be and even more so now the vital power broker between the two coalitions of March 14 and March 8. As the blocking third is now in his hands. Aoun appears not to be happy with this which is no surprise given that he wants to undermine the President not give him more power! The Daily Star headline below articluates the cracks that Aoun’s frustration are creating within the opposition:

Nasrallah: New cabinet will be one of true partnership
Aoun says nobody consulted him on government formula

Aoun will get over it though and will have to learn to deal with Slieman being the Christian strong man for the moment.

The National have published a in depth article on the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared that is a great guide to understanding the basic situation of the Palestinians in Lebanon and the status of the reconstruction of Nahr al-Bared. The Tayyar website true to form have disgustingly added next to the title of the article Marginal Errors there own political views: (is Tawtin coming). Tawtin means naturalization (of the Palestinians in Lebanon) and Aoun has been central in efforts to stoke Lebanese (especially Christian) fears over this issue.


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