A curious return to violence in the streets of Beirut

After peaceful and successful election, violence returned to the streets of Lebanon. In the area of Aisha Bakkar fighting between supporters of Amal and Mustaqbal (or future)  left a 30 year old woman dead and several injured. The violence was sparked reportedly over celebrations for the election of Hariri and Berri. Harri the leader of al-Mustaqbul and Berri the head of Amal clashed firing RPGs and machine guns, scenes Beirut has not seen in over a year.

The reason for this sudden spark of violence is unclear. Was it because the negotiations between the two main coalitions of March 14 and the opposition did not agree smoothly over the election of Berri and Hariri? There does not seem to be a need to resort to the street fighting.

This was unregulated violence that occurred without the direction of the big men of Lebanon in this case Berri or Hariri. “Reconciliation” is still in the air but it is very much at the top and not at the level of the street. This may also articulate how shallow the reconcillation is. The general peace in Lebanon is occurring mainly because of a détente between Syria and Saudi the extent to how much reconciliation that is going on internally away from power plays is little to nothing.


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